Ahli is gender-neutral songwriter and producer with a passion for all things Pop and R&B. With a background in commercial music and a college degree in production, Ahli's music is both raw and fine-tuned. Their song-writing influences include Troye Sivan and Maggie Rodgers with production style similar to Carley Rae Jepson.
 Getting their start in small-town, rural New Jersey dive bars
, they've now performed at music festivals across the United States including, Musicfest, Capemay Music Festival, Port St.Lucie Music Festival, Treasure Coast Music Festival and most recently, the International Stay the F*ck Home Fest most with Sonicbids with over 1,000 people tuning into the stream from all over the United States and Europe. 

Ahli is currently located in Nashville working under Urband and Lazar Music Publishing on their debut album. For more information follow @Ahlis_music on instagram!