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Artist to Artist 2015

I assumed it was just a random thought that inspired me to be fixated on finishing this painting a few months ago for the Artist to Artist show at the Printmaking Council of NJ, it is not a usual subject for me. Since completing the painting there have been some health issues on my Indian side of the family, including the death of my wonderful uncle. I was so devastated when I was not to be able to get back to Warm Springs, Oregon because of the snowstorms. It was perhaps one last time to be with my dad, all my cousins, aunts and uncles, together, on the reservation, albeit for a very sad occasion. And then of course, there is this very painful fight to save my land and protect the physical safety of my family from greed and corruption enforced by the US government. Sometimes you have to wonder what subtle communications our brains are picking up from the gods.

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